Quantifying the future

Leverage the power of AI, Quantum and High-Performance Computing

Quantum computing will revolutionise many aspects of computing, and complement High Performance Computing, in tackling the most valuable business problems in the world.

We can help your business harness the full potential of quantum and high-performance computers and deliver value to your business already today.

We are working closely with leading companies to develop solutions that address their most difficult computational challenges while focusing on areas where we first expect Quantum Computing to be valuable. This includes Life sciences, Financial Services, and Logistics.

Are you ready to Quantify the Future?

End user mindset in everything we do:

We focus on what creates value for you, starting from your business problem and then searching for the best possible solution. We work “from the problem, and back”, instead of trying to find problems that matches what we’ve done before. Which computational problems are holding back your business? 

We push the limit, and make you quantum ready:

Our team of experienced cross-functional experts is well versed in Classical and Quantum Algorithmics, Machine Learning, and High-Performance Cloud Computing, and together we can help determine if your business problem has a quantum future.

Cutting edge science, brought to you:

All our solutions take advantage of the increasingly capable quantum hardware of the future while improving available high performance computing methods to deliver value already today.

We work dedicated to design real world solutions, and we ensure that as Quantum Computing matures, you will reap the benefits.


Our Ambition

We want to make Denmark, and Northern Europe, the leading region in the world for harvesting the benefits of quantum computing. 

Danish and Northern European businesses and societies have a very high degree of technological maturity and digitalization, Denmark also graduates the most Quantum Physicists per capita of any country in the world. Quantum Mechanics was, in large, developed in Northern Europe, revolving around the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. We believe our region has the potential to once more become world leaders within quantum. This would be of benefit to our society in general, including local industries and the local scientific community. We see ourselves as catalysts in making that dream come true.