Quantifying the future

Prepare to harness the power of quantum computing.

Quantum computing is an emerging, but rapidly evolving technology that promises to revolutionize the way computers work.

Within two years it is expected that quantum computers will solve real world problems beyond the reach of classical computers.

Quantum computers will give us a new set of tools to tackle some of the most critical problems facing the world today, such as optimizing the use of scarce resources, discovering novel pharmaceuticals and finding the materials of the future.

End user mindset in everything we do:

We focus on what creates value for you, starting from your business problem and then searching for the best possible solution. We work “from the problem, and back”, instead of trying to find problems that matches what we’ve done before. Which computational problems are holding back your business? 

We push the limit, and make you quantum ready:

Quantum computing will revolutionise many aspects of computing, eventually, but near term its uses will be more limited and specialised. Regardless of your business problem, we will help you develop solutions taking advantage of the increasingly capable quantum hardware of the future, and improve your classical methods on the way.

Cutting edge science, brought to you:

We bring the latest science from both classical and quantum technologies to bear on everything we look at. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and have a relentless focus on creating value. We solve problems and all our work is based on the latest knowledge in the field.

Our Ambition

We want to make Denmark, and Northern Europe, the leading region in the world for harvesting the benefits of quantum computing. 

Danish and Northern European businesses and societies have a very high degree of technological maturity and digitalization, Denmark also graduates the most Quantum Physicists per capita of any country in the world. Quantum Mechanics was, in large, developed in Northern Europe, revolving around the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. We believe our region has the potential to once more become world leaders within quantum. This would be of benefit to our society in general, including local industries and the local scientific community. We see ourselves as catalysts in making that dream come true.

Founding Team

Co-founder & CEO

An experienced senior executive from the software and telecommunications industry. Hans Henrik holds a PhD in nuclear physics from the Aarhus University and has 10 years experience in management and 5 years of experience from McKinsey.

Co-founder & Head of Algorithms

Leading expert in machine learning and applied algorithms. Allan holds a PhD in computer science from Aarhus University and has 15 years of academic and industry experience.

Co-founder & Chief Quantum Officer

Professor at the Aarhus University and an expert in quantum computers. Nikolaj holds a PhD in nuclear physics from Aarhus University, has worked as a postdoc at Harvard University and has been in research collaborations with some of the world’s most prestigious universities.