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TDC NET x Kvantify - thumbnail
Kvantify x TDC NET partnership
We're thrilled to announce that @Kvantify has entered into a significant partnership with @TDC NET...
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Welcome Christina
Welcome Christina - Our new Head of Products & Strategy
We’re on a roll – adding more people to the Kvantify family! As of September 1, Christina Krogsgård...
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Welcome Ulrich
Welcome Ulrich - New Quantum Engagement Specialist
We’re excited to announce that as of October 1st, one of Denmark’s leading voices on Quantum Computing...
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New Employee, Radu, Esben
Kvantify welcomes two new colleagues to growing team ​
We are delighted to welcome two bright minds to our growing team at Kvantify Radu Ungureanu, our...
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Kvantify closes 40M DKK Funding round
Kvantify closes a 40 million DKK funding round to boost product development
Announcing 40M DKK in additional funding, including our Friends & Family round led by Denmark’s...
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Morten Kjaergaard - Kvantify
Morten Kjaergaard joins Kvantify as Senior Scientific Advisor
We are thrilled to announce that Morten Kjaergaard, Associate Professor at the Niels Bohr Institute...
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New employees June 2023
Four experienced talents join Kvantify
Please join us in welcoming Frank, Lise, Mikael, and Peter 🤝🤝🤝🤝 We are ramping up the team further...
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Kvantify FAST-VQE results
FAST-VQE - Hardware validation results
We are very excited to give you a 'sneak peek' into our pioneering quantum hardware tests, conducted...
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Kvantify algorithms
Kvantify algorithm - FAST-VQE - Preprint
Fermionic Adaptive Sampling Theory for Variational Quantum Eigensolvers - FAST-VQE unlocks the true...
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BCG - Quantum Advantage 2025
🚀 Embrace the Quantum Advantage: Are You Prepared?
BCG predicts that quantum computing is set to generate substantial business value by 2025. Talent...
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Kvantify EIC grant
💪 We have been approved for the EIC Accelerator grant!
After intense months of excellent work by the whole Kvantify team, we are excited to announce that...
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New Kvantify algorithm: FAST-VQE
We are proud and cautiously optimistic about our new quantum algorithm FAST-VQE, which mitigates...
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PhotoQ 1 of 3
Project: “Photonic Quantum Computing” or simply “PhotoQ”
Kvantify is proud to be part of a very significant project in the Photonic Quantum Computer field.
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Henriette Halvorsen Chief of Staff at Kvantify
Kvantify is staffing up with a seasoned leader.
Today we are introducing our new Chief of Staff! Henriette Halvorsen will be working towards lifting...
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Thomas & Anders
Growth & expansion requires new talent
As we continue to grow and expand, it is essential to have a diverse range of talent, and today...
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Quantagonia and Kvantify
Quantagonia and Kvantify team up to maximize the impact of quantum algorithms on challenging industry use-cases
The leading company in Quantum & High Performance, Kvantify, and the market-leading hybrid quantum...
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Rafael & Morten - new employees
Kvantify is kicking off 2023 with more additions to the team
2023 will be a year of growth at Kvantify as we gain more traction, so let’s kick it off with introducing...
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Kvantify and Quix Quantum collaboration
QuiX Quantum and Kvantify collaboration 🤝
The leading company in Quantum Computing software, Kvantify, and the market leader in quantum computing...
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Annalen der Physik - Dec 2022
Kvantify is featured on the cover of Annalen der Physik
In their December edition, the prestigious scientific journal, Annalen der Physik, features an article...
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Kvantify strengthens Chemistry & Drug Development team
Kvantify has the privilege of welcoming professor David Gloriam and Niels Anton Berglund to the...
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Kvantify announces first article published in Physical Review A
Kvantify announces first article published in Physical Review A We are proud to announce our first...
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novo quantum
Kvantify joins DKK 1.5 billion Danish Quantum Project
Kvantify will join the Novo Nordisk Foundation Quantum Computing Programme as a non-academic partner!
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Danish newspaper Børsen covers the launch of Kvantify
The Danish business daily Børsen has a profile of Kvantify in their Tech section!
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