Hardware validation results with FAST-VQE – part II

The Next Chapter in Quantum Computing Hardware Exploration

In an ongoing effort to push the bar and test current quantum computing hardware, we have been running benchmark calculations for H_4 and LiH molecules. Today we are ready to share the results, in an AWS blog post.

Kvantify helps develop one of Europe’s largest open quantum computers.

One of Europe’s largest open quantum computers is now under development at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen Named DanQ, the project could make quantum computing a vital tool for addressing complex challenges in fields like chemistry, material development, and advanced medical and societal modelling.

Kvantify Ltd. opens in London with new office and welcomes new team of experts

Kvantify Ltd. opens in London with new office and welcomes new team of experts​ Kvantify has announced its ambitious expansion to London, UK. The move comes as part of Kvantify’s broader strategy to solidify its position in the European market and bolster its international presence. The decision to expand into London, one of the world’s […]

Kvantify x TDC NET partnership

We’re thrilled to announce that @Kvantify has entered into a significant partnership with @TDC NET – Denmark’s leading digital infrastructure company. Together, we aim to leverage the power of High-Performance and Quantum computing technology to strengthen the development of Denmark’s leading mobile infrastructure over the next three years.

Kvantify welcomes two new colleagues to growing team ​

We are delighted to welcome two bright minds to our growing team at Kvantify

Radu Ungureanu, our new Digital Marketing Assistant is currently pursuing a BSc. in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. Radu brings a fresh perspective to our communications team at Kvantify. As he embarks on this exciting journey with us, we are eager to see how he will shape our marketing initiatives.

Four experienced talents join Kvantify

Please join us in welcoming Frank, Lise, Mikael, and Peter 🤝🤝🤝🤝 We are ramping up the team further throughout 2023 and are close to hitting a milestone of 50 people at Kvantify🎉

New Kvantify algorithm: FAST-VQE

We are proud and cautiously optimistic about our new quantum algorithm FAST-VQE, which mitigates the measurement overhead of ADAPT-VQE for quantum chemistry.