Kvantify x TDC NET partnership

We’re thrilled to announce that @Kvantify has entered into a significant partnership with @TDC NET – Denmark’s leading digital infrastructure company. Together, we aim to leverage the power of High-Performance and Quantum computing technology to strengthen the development of Denmark’s leading mobile infrastructure over the next three years.

Kvantify welcomes two new colleagues to growing team ​

We are delighted to welcome two bright minds to our growing team at Kvantify

Radu Ungureanu, our new Digital Marketing Assistant is currently pursuing a BSc. in International Business at Copenhagen Business School. Radu brings a fresh perspective to our communications team at Kvantify. As he embarks on this exciting journey with us, we are eager to see how he will shape our marketing initiatives.

Four experienced talents join Kvantify

Please join us in welcoming Frank, Lise, Mikael, and Peter 🤝🤝🤝🤝 We are ramping up the team further throughout 2023 and are close to hitting a milestone of 50 people at Kvantify🎉

FAST-VQE – Hardware validation results

We are very excited to give you a ‘sneak peek’ into our pioneering quantum hardware tests, conducted in collaboration with the outstanding team at Amazon Braket.

Kvantify algorithm – FAST-VQE – Preprint

Fermionic Adaptive Sampling Theory for Variational Quantum Eigensolvers – FAST-VQE unlocks the true power of quantum computers by precisely choosing the optimal components of
the quantum state, essentially shattering the precision barrier!

💪 We have been approved for the EIC Accelerator grant!

After intense months of excellent work by the whole Kvantify team, we are excited to announce that we have secured the EIC Accelerator grant, which will support and speed up the advancements of our solutions for vital pharmaceutical workflows.

New Kvantify algorithm: FAST-VQE

We are proud and cautiously optimistic about our new quantum algorithm FAST-VQE, which mitigates the measurement overhead of ADAPT-VQE for quantum chemistry.